The Highest Quality Life

by | Feb 7, 2023

A life without illness, without pain and passing away naturally.

The highest quality life can be described as one without illness, without pain and passing away naturally.

No one wants to suffer or die early. So how do we achieve this level of living? This kind of life cannot be possible without the maintenance and servicing of the three main circulatory systems in the human body. These are;

1. Blood circulation; involved in the processing and circulation of blood
2. Mental/nervous system; involved in the processing and circulation of messages from the brain
3. Digestive system; involved in the processing and circulation of food

When these three circulatory systems function correctly, are set up to their correct function then the body becomes supercharged. All three systems are interconnected and are involved in helping the immune system to function at a higher level.

What is the correct functioning of these systems?

1. Blood circulation

Separation of red blood cells (rouleaux) – This separation is very important for the immune system and blood function. By separating clumped red cells in the bloodstream, we upgrade blood quality by enabling it to transport more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Vessel elasticity – It is well documented that as we age, our blood vessels lose elasticity. Modern Western medicine has no possible way of increasing this elasticity through any kind of medication. However, through Calligraphy Health practice, vessel elasticity is dramatically improved. This is because improved blood quality, carrying much larger amounts of oxygen and nutrients, facilitates vessel elasticity.

Decrease of atherosclerosis – By saturating the blood with oxygen, Calligraphy Health helps to clear vessels of waxy build-up. Large amounts of oxygen help to burn away cholesterol and other nasty free radicals that can exist in veins and arteries.

2. Mental/Nervous System Circulation

All of the methods, listed below, help the brain (body’s “CEO”) to give orders to the body’s cells (employees) to produce the correct chemistry. These methods help with long term training of the mind, setting it up to continue producing correct commands, which in turn, keeps the body on track for health and healing. These methods take time to set up but once in place, stay with you for life.


Sitting Meditation – In sitting meditation only the mind is in play. This method is good for clearing the mind or for scanning the body and energy movement. Over time this method sets up the mind to be worry-free, regardless of good or bad situations.

Moving Meditation – This is improving the physical being through the opening of channels and meridians. This sees a dramatic improvement in the circulations through the body and ends in the same result as sitting meditation. You are calm, grounded and free of troubles.

POSITIVE/BALANCED THINKING – Positive thinking is of the utmost importance for everyone. It is important that we create an environment which goes against the production of unhealthy cells. This means diminishing negativity on all emotional levels – including aggression, depression, greediness, fear, hatred, helplessness, sadness, anxiety and self-loathing. These kinds of thought patterns set up the body’s chemistry as a playground for disease. The long term exposure to these kinds of emotions and mindsets is by all probability the reason for various diseases. Calligraphy Health specialises in teaching one to have a balanced mind. This sees a return to natural, happier feelings which help to “balance out” the darker side of the mind.

“SERVICING” THE BRAIN – this is an important part of setting up the “CEO” of the body. Without correct service, the brain will not give the correct commands to the body and you could be no better off. So what do we mean by service?

This means bringing together the following:

  • High quality blood and blood flow; including improved vessel elasticity (in the brain as well as the body).
  • Good oxygen and nutrient supply (linked to blood and digestive systems).
  • Quality meditations.
  • Balanced, realistic exercise/rest patterns and behaviour; including quality sleep.
  • Positive, balanced thoughts.

When these systems are all in place, the brain can give the correct commands to the body’s cells leading to a healthier, more holistic being with a strong immune system.

3. Digestive System Circulation

The digestive system is fundamental to quality, healthy living. Without correct function within the digestive tract, the human body can suffer from high levels of toxicity and poor nutrient uptake. Toxicity has a long term effect on the cells of the surrounding tissues and the bloodstream itself. A good digestive system is balanced. Food is taken in, is processed by the stomach, liver, pancreas etc, moves comfortably through the intestines and is finally expelled through the bowel. There is no bloating, reflux, excessive flatulence and other such discomforts.

Maintaining a good digestive system relies on a few key areas, they are:

  • High quality foods.
  • Good quality blood cell flow that supports the stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys and other organs.
  • Good bowel function helping to eliminate toxins and other waste.
  • Internal, 3-dimensional movements such as those developed by Calligraphy Health that help massage the organs and viscera. 

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