Clearing the Chakras
and Meridians

Master Yang & Simon Borg-Oliver

22 – 27 October 2022

Wonglepong, QLD Australia


This course has been developed to access your 7 main CHAKRAS. Each of these chakras is a centre that has a separate personality or pathway that helps in the development of the human body and holds the key that leads to connection with self.

If expression of movement within each chakra is denied we are at risk of becoming blocked energetically. This stuck energy is held in the body in various ways eg tension, anger sadness even over-excitement. As we hold on to past wounds our energy centres, channels and meridians throughout the body become blocked, creating pain and discomfort with the possibility of ill-health increasing.

Through various techniques and movements and deepening our understanding of the chakra system, meridians and channels we move closer to integrating body and mind and living a happier, healthier more fulfilling life. This has ongoing effects in the development of our connection to the external world.

Master Zhen Hua Yang brings his extensive background in Nei Gong and the Chinese internal self healing arts teaching us to connect with the wisdom of the body through Qi/energy. Utilising the energetic wisdom of the body to work towards a balanced body/mind system, one that has compassion to self and others.

Simon Borg-Olivier’s extensive back ground in the India art of Yoga and Western physiotherapist helps us to understand the physiology of the body that takes place  during practice – to release tension that inhibits us from having compassion and love towards self and others.

This course will be individually tailored to each participant’s needs, wants, desires, physical abilities and experience.


In this course, you will learn various techniques to access the seven main chakras enabling you to release blocked emotions that are held in the body. Through postures, movements and breath you will learn to re-balance the body-mind connection helping you to

  • open the channels of your chakras
  • reconnect yourself at an energetic level from the inside out
  • improve joint structure and function
  • develop mobility without intense stretching
  • reduce overall pain
  • enhance energy levels
  • develop meditative awareness
  • live a happier and healthier life

    With a heightened awareness of the body-mind connection, better blood flow through the chakras and meridians and your new found connection to the central channel, the teachings of this practice will have ongoing effects including enhanced organ function (any problems will be addressed), improved physiology – the basis for good health – as well as an increased sense of groundedness or coming home to self.


    • Training: 6 days of in-person training with Master Yang &  Simon Borg-Olivier
    • Meals: Three meals per day, based on the Five Elements diet of traditional Chinese medicine
    • Accommodation: Shared rooms in house and cabins
    • Facilities in house and cabins: Private bathroom, microwave
    • Outdoor amenities: Outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, open pit fire, walks through native Australian bushland, spectacular views to the scenic rim


    • Transportation: to and from the venue
    • Insurance: personal travel & health insurance


    • All-age and health condition appropriate
    • No prior experience required

    Join the course

    • Date: 22 – 27 October 2022
    • Venue: Wallaby Ridge Retreat Centre, 88 Bambling Rd, Wonglepong QLD 4275, Australia
    • Booking contact: Please contact Simon Borg-Olivier directly via telephone, WhatsApp or direct message for details on these courses.
      The number is +61 417041179. Text a message if I can’t answer and I will get back to you ASAP.
    • Food and accommodation price: 750.00 AUD
    • Course price: 1,500.00 AUD

    Limited spaces available.