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“Calligraphy Health fast-tracks the body/mind connection, opening the path to better health, inner peace, happiness and longevity.

Master Zhen Hua Yang

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Upcoming Courses

Calligraphy Health courses are designed to provide progressive training in five parts, as well as specialized courses tailored to areas such as trauma, cancer and hormones.

Both beginners and experienced students are welcome to participate in the specialized courses. The progressive training can begin from any part between 1–3 but it is advised that students follow the original, suggested order. Parts 4–5 are for experienced students only. Each course can be repeated multiple times, allowing students to explore Nei Gong practice in greater depth.

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Future Courses

Other courses and workshops with Master Zhen Hua Yang that will be offered in the future. If you’re interested in any of the courses listed below please contact us.

Embracing Hormonal Changes
Awaken the natural functioning of the body and embrace a new phase of life based on Chinese integrated healing system.
Yinyang Relationship
Heal relationship traumas and unite in mutual love and vibration.