Students Stories

“Master Yang’s system is the most comprehensive
and effective practice to give a balance
between physiological health, internal energy
and mental wellbeing.”

Simon Borg-Olivier
MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT
Yoga Synergy Co-Founder

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After years of working in the finance sector and living off adrenaline, my body felt flat. I lost all life energy. Master Yang’s practice brought me back to my old, vigorous self. It also grounded and calmed my mind, and healed me from agitation.

Adam Crawley, United States

Tech Entrepreneur

I broke my back when training with a young horse and met Master Yang a few days later, still in my back brace. I wouldn’t have been where I am today without him. Calligraphy Health sped up my healing and transformed my whole life.

Sarah Laborde, France

PhD, Environmental Anthropologist

Soon after the beginning of practice, my energy status, flexibility and endurance markedly improved. Master Yang and his unique system have given me extra power to face the crucial challenges due to the pandemic and help others to do so.

Nikolay Neshev, Bulgaria

Calligraphy Health tough to slow down, to connect with myself and to heal emotional trauma. The speed of my life changed and I have started to enjoy and find my passion for life. Thank you, Master Yang, for helping me to understand on a deep level respect, peace and harmony.

Martina Zatkova, Slovakia

Calligraphy Health has given me the chance to learn and grow through making a connection to my inner world. Training my body and mind and teaching me patience, love and trust I am now more connected to myself and able to enjoy the transformation this process brings about.

Ute Fotiadis, Greece

For me, the biggest shift was a new awareness of my body. My body is more finely tuned. I don’t need so many supplements to thrive. My organs constantly detoxify themselves through the practice. I have more energy to live the life I want.”

Adam Crawley, USA

Calligraphy Health helped unwind addictive and compulsive thought patterns ingrained in my mind since I was a teenager. From day one, I felt the positive effects of the practice. I started feeling more energised, less depressed and motivated to do new things.

Josh B, Australia

Business Owner

After nineteen years in the Australian army, many things got to me at a psychological and physical level. Calligraphy Health helped ground me and re-establish the link I had with myself before joining the army. It’s a lifetime practice accessible to everyone.

Jordan Daniels, Australia

Qigong Teacher

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Master Yang trained thousands of students worldwide, and each of them has their unique and inspiring story about their path towards health and wellbeing. We’re very grateful to be able to share some of these journeys. Read more on our blog from Michael, Jaime, Justyna, Josh, and others.