The Internal Art
of Wellbeing

An accessible practice based on ancient Chinese knowledge, combining body movement, breath, and attention. It’s a pathway to health, wellbeing, and longevity through internal connection and organ servicing.

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Ancient Knowledge for Modern People

Calligraphy Health is an internal wellbeing system created by Master Zhen Hua Yang to help people reconnect with themselves – cell by cell, and to soothe modern problems like stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and more. It enhances blood circulation, improves organ function and energy levels as well as calms the mind.

Calligraphy Health uses body movements combined with breath and attention as a bridge to learn to communicate with one’s own internal body. It teaches you how to move naturally, maintaining a continuous flow, free from force and tension – just like a fish in water. Through specific movements, you learn the underlying principles, which, over time, enable you to apply them to any art or your daily activities. You learn to move with freedom, joy, and connection, first within your body, and then in your life.

“I teach HAHAHA.
My goal is to see people smile.”
Master Zhen Hua Yang

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Calligraphy Health found me during one of the hardest periods of my life. As a young mother, I had barely slept for two and a half years. I also suffered from physical pain and heavy migraines, and I had a 3 cm ventral hernia that required immediate surgery. After just six months of practice, the rupture narrowed by half a centimetre. I healed completely at the Level 3 training. I am forever grateful for Master Yang, as his teachings saved my life.

Justyna Krol, Poland

Calligraphy Health takes your wellbeing to the next level. It is a deep practice that heals and simply makes you feel wonderful. I call it meditation in movement, bringing bliss to mind, body and soul.

Simon Doles, Australia, USA

Soon after the beginning of practice, my energy status, flexibility and endurance markedly improved. Master Yang and his unique system have given me extra power to face the crucial challenges due to the pandemic and help others to do so.

Nikolay Neshev, Bulgaria

Master Yang is a true expert in energy, natural health and wellbeing. His lifetime of practice is brought to the modern world in an accessible and fun way. He empowers his students to heal themselves, regain a connection to their essence and live productive, happy lifes. In a world of ‘one-minute experts’, quick fixes and wonder drugs, Master Yang offers a solid alternative to bring the body, mind and soul back into harmony in a natural, safe and effective way.

Leonie Beck, Australia

A tradition with
a long lineage

Master Yang’s lineage in the ancient internal martial arts tradition dates back to 17th century China. His ancestors guarded the emperor, their knowledge being passed only amongst the family through ongoing generations. Master Yang was granted permission to share this knowledge with others. For many years he was fulfilling his duty passing on his family martial art system (Yang Mian) to his students, but his life’s purpose and passion was in teaching people health and compassion. And out of this passion Calligraphy Health emerged.

The key to optimal health lies within

Calligraphy Health uses your body’s natural inner wisdom to restore harmony and balance.

Improve organ function

Enhanced blood circulation regenerates organ function and builds up the immune system.

Feel connected and grounded

When we are connected to our body’s innate senses, action and decision making is based upon what feels right inside. This is what we mean when we say feeling connected and being grounded.

Reduce pain, anxiety and depression

Activate the parasympathetic nervous system to feel calmer and more centered. Enhance your mobility, improve circulation to the joints and minimise pain.

Improve your sleep

With improved organ function, calmer nervous system, less fear and worry, you can access a more rejuvenating, restful sleep. 

Restore your natural energy

Improve the circulation of oxygen, nutrients and information to unblock stagnated energy in your body.

Look and feel younger

Support the process of replacing old, unhealthy cells with new healthy ones to slow down the process of ageing.


Calligraphy Health training knows no gender boundaries, age limits and body requirements. It requires no equipment and no special place to start – just an open mind and a desire for a balanced life.

Easy to remember routines are yours to practice later at home on your own. Everyday practice continues to build your energy, your trust in your body and deepen the connection with yourself. The way you interact with the outside world will progress naturally.

Restore your inner female power

Calligraphy Elbow is a powerful, female wellbeing and self-defence branch of Calligraphy Health. With an emphasis on continuous, natural movements, it works on multiple levels.

The practice develops confidence, strength and coordination, realigns the body and the mind while rebuilding digestion and hormonal balance.

Good health
begins inside

The uniqueness of Calligraphy Health lies in the internal approach. The focus of the practice starts in the core of the body – lower Dantian and internal organs, working towards making changes at a cellular level.