Training Guide

“I give you the key.
It is up to you to open the door.”

Master Zhen Hua Yang

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“It’s not about the movement. It’s about what’s behind the movement.”
Master Zhen Hua Yang

Calligraphy Health training is offered in the form of either a 10-day course or a shorter workshop, consisting of a set of movements/forms meticulously taught by Master Zhen Hua Yang. Each day of the training introduces new movements, forming a comprehensive set that participants can later practice independently at home.

These movements not only open up the body and mind but also act as a bridge, allowing students to connect with themselves and explore the underlying principles embedded in the movements.

It is essentially a moving meditation where, through repeating the same forms, students gradually delve deeper within, expanding the internal connection with themselves and unlocking their body’s self-healing potential.

Experience over theory

Master Yang’s training approach prioritizes personal experience over theoretical learning. This method values the insights gained from connecting with oneself during practice and understanding the method’s principles through personal exploration. “The more you practice, the more you understand” says Master Yang.

1. Calligraphy Health

Calligraphy Health courses are designed to provide progressive training in Organ Service in five parts, as well as specialized courses tailored to areas such as trauma, cancer and hormones.

1.1. Organ Service – Progressive Training

Calligraphy Health method is divided into 5 Parts of Organ Service training, that are taught over a 10-day course. Each part has been created by Master Zhen Hua Yang to serve a specific purpose and to build upon each other. Together all parts form a system that enables gradual and optimal development in the internal arts. 

The progressive training can begin from any Part between 1–3, but it is advised that students follow the original, suggested order. You are welcome to participate in more than one part at any one time. Parts 4–5 are for experienced students only.

Part 1:
Body – Mind – Organ Connection

In this course we begin to learn to harmonise body, mind and internal organs.

Part 2:
Spiral Body – Spiral Organ

Through spiraling and elongating movements we open up, realign and release accumulated emotions that are held as tension in the body.

Part 3:
Heaven in Love

This course is about finding your home and touching your soul. Connecting with heaven energy but remaining connected with the ground.

Part 4:
Energy and Vibration

This course works on opening up the central channel to release blockages that are held deeper in the body. Tapping and shaking exercises are introduced here.

Part 5:
Compassion Through Self-love

With the Upper and Lower Dan Tian working in synergy, we can now learn to open the heart center or middle Dan Tian, to develop compassion towards self and others.


You can join a single or multiple parts at once. Routines taught during the courses give students the independence to practice later at home. The skills acquired during the training are sufficient for a lifelong self-practice that can complement any lifestyle, activity, religion or spiritual path. 

Students who are interested in taking their practice to deeper levels can also repeat the training multiple times. Each time a particular part is repeated the practitioner is taken deeper into the transformative process of Nei Gong. Calligraphy Health is an internal practice. It is not about the number of different movements and forms, but about the depth and quality of the practice. 

During the courses Master Yang shares his knowledge and skills, but it’s up to the students to continue the practice at home and to develop their practice further, accessing their body’s own inner wisdom. “I give you the key, but it’s up to you to open the door,” says Master Yang. The skills of this internal self-healing art will naturally evolve if a student continues to practice after the in-person training with Master Yang.  


Calligraphy Health is accessible to anyone and doesn’t have any restrictions.

1.2. Specialised Training

These are various courses and workshops that are targeted at a specific health area such as Trauma, Depression, Cancer, Digestion, Female Health etc.


Each course is grounded in the principles of Calligraphy Health but emphasises different points, depending on the specific health area being taught.


Both beginners and experienced students are welcome to participate in the specialised courses and workshops. No prior experience is required and there are no physical restrictions for joining these trainings.

2. Calligraphy Elbow

Calligraphy Elbow training helps women to tap into their internal power and enhance wellbeing by working with five health areas: digestive system, internal scar tissue, emotions, confidence and self-defense.


Calligraphy Elbow is taught during a 10-day course in which students learn up to six elbow sequences and the principles of the movements. Each day of training brings a better understanding of the practice and opening of the body.


At the moment this practice is not offered to males. No experience is required to start Calligraphy Elbow practice. However students having a prior Calligraphy Health experience often find the Elbow practice more accessible. As these two practices really complement one another those who have experience in Calligraphy Elbow also find it helps with their own Calligraphy Health practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or queries besides the ones listed below, don’t hesitate to contact us at:
How many courses should I do?

This will be different for everyone and dependent upon what outcomes you are wishing to achieve. It will vary based on the person’s body, mind, experience, health issues as well as self-discipline. Some students feel that one course is enough for them while others decide to come back for in-person training every year.

How much and how often should I train at home to see results?

This depends on one’s health and the results they wish to achieve. Just as acquiring new skills requires practice, so do the skills you will learn with Calligraphy Health. The simple rule is that, in the beginning, more practice leads to better results. For more advanced students, the quality of their practice becomes more important than the quantity.
We suggest 45 minutes, 3 times a week as a minimum for beginners; 1 hour, 5 times a week as an optimal routine; and 2 hours, 5 times a week for those with serious health issues or those aiming for rapid progress.

Do I need to do in-person training or can I practice only online?
Nothing can substitute the in-person experience, and whenever possible, we encourage people to join live training. However, online training also brings positive results, especially for individuals who are consistent in self-practice.
How can I become a Calligraphy Health teacher?

There are no set exams in the Calligraphy Health system to become a teacher. This follows the traditional manner of the Dojo (a place where students come to learn) whereby the Master of the Dojo proclaims you proficient to teach or not. In general one must have taken at least few courses with Master Zhen Hua Yang before this is possible.

Who else can I learn from other than Master Yang?

Calligraphy Health has many teachers worldwide. Please refer here.

Will Calligraphy Health work with other internal energetic practices such as yoga?

Yes, Calligraphy Health helps to reconnect with oneself which helps to develop other practices that the students undertake.

I’m a professional athlete and/or an outdoor sports person, how can Calligraphy Health support that?

Master Yang has trained many professional sports people, helping to take them to the top of their field. 

As an internal practice Calligraphy Health works to unite the physical body with the mind and internal energy, helping the body to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Learn from
Master Yang

Master Yang offers in-person group courses as well as online courses and workshops. 

In-person training

Based in Australia, Master Yang travels the world every year to share his skills with people from Europe to USA.

Online training

We offer various online courses that are available any time on our website. We also regularly organize shorter workshops that we announce via social media and our monthly newsletter.

Learn from the
qualified teachers

If you wish to find someone to practice with in your area then we invite you to meet our team of certified Calligraphy Health teachers that are located in Australia and Europe. Many of the teachers offer private training and online classes. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly.