Weekend Workshop

Go Deeper Into Your Flow

Connect with your flow and listen to your body’s inner wisdom.

27 – 29 May 2022

Budapest, Hungary

560 AUD
(approx. 380 EUR)


  • Date: 27 – 29 May 2022
  • Venue: Calligraphy Health Infinity Studio, Vérhalom u. 22, Budapest, District II
  • Training: 3 days of in-person training with Master Yang
  • Price: 560 AUD (approx. 380 EUR) (does not include accomodation, food or travel costs)

This 3-day workshop will be led in-person by Master Zhen Hua Yang – founder of Calligraphy Health and keeper of his 400 year family lineage in the ancient internal Chinese art of self-healing.

Emphasis will be upon connecting with your blood cells, building up your blood circulation and calming the nervous system. You will begin to learn how to restore your health and bring it back to a state of balance and harmony through the combination of breath, mind and movement.
Master Yang will also be introduced to the 5-Elements diet of traditional Chinese medicine.
This workshop is for everyone and all movements can be taken with you to do in the comfort of your own home.


Limited spaces available.
For registration and further enquiries please contact Baba Ray at:


    • Unlearn the unconscious responses of your body and mind that leads us to stress and worry
    • Learn how to connect body, mind, breath and organs to release tension
    • Get back to your centre and connect to your blood cells, free from ruminations of the past and desires for the future
    • Restore your natural state of health and wellbeing
    • Feel grounded, joyful and peaceful
    • Strengthen your immune system and digestion


    • Attendees to each course receive further information not by mass mail messages but tailor made emails individually.
    • Please note payment online is securing your place to the course(s). Payment does not include travel, accommodation and meals.
    • When completed your purchase online for the course kindly send an email to chi@rayqigong.com to receive information about details for accommodation and meals.
    • Travelling to and from to venue is by individually.
    • We will give all necessary information and help to make your stay safe at the upcoming courses in Budapest joyful, peaceful and relaxing.
    • Please do not hesitate contacting Baba Ray at chi@rayqigong.com with any further questions and inquiry.
    • Looking forward to welcoming you soon in Budapest.