Level 1

Body-Mind-Organ Connection

Learn how to effortlessly bring body, mind and emotions into a relaxed state.

2 – 11 May 2022

Poland, TBA

1 380 EUR


  • Date: 2 – 11 May 2022
  • Venue: TBA, Poland
  • Training: 80 hours of in-person training with Master Yang and lectures led by the Master, spread across 10 days: 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00 each day
  • Price: 1 380 EUR (does not include accomodation, food or travel costs)

Level 1 is a foundation course where you learn how to move effortlessly into a relaxed state. As you start your journey into the inner world of self-healing, you’ll have your first experience of connecting your body and mind working in unison.

Limited spaces available.
For registration and further enquiries please contact Dagmara Skalska at:


  • Begin your first level of self-healing
  • Learn the foundation of Calligraphy Health movements
  • Connect your breath with the form
  • Understand the Dan Tian energy point
  • Start to connect with your blood cells and link to your organs
  • Learn to stimulate the vagus nerve


  • TBA


  • TBA

Receive a BONUS discount of 280 EUR by booking two courses. Note: these courses must be taken back-to-back e.g., Level 1 & 2 or Level 3 & 4.