Part 4

Energy and Vibration

Access a true sense of peace through energy work and body vibration.

5 – 14 August 2022

Calligraphy Health Retreat Centre

3,000.00 AUD


Part 4 helps us, through a combination of body movements based on vibration and the work we have done in P1–P3, to access and open up deeper channels that connect the body/mind system. This has the potential for one to gain a more profound understanding, connection to self and one’s purpose in life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Part 4 is only accessible to the graduates of at least one previous part.

  • Date: 5 –14 August 2022
  • Venue: Calligraphy Health Retreat Center, Australia
  • Price: 3,000.00 AUD

Limited spaces available.


  • Learn to let go of past attachments and future desires, focusing on the present moment
  • Experience a shift in your energy levels
  • Enter the state of inner calm and harmony,
  • Enhance cellular replacement process


  • 80 hours of in-person training with Master Yang and lectures led by the Master, spread across 10 days in a lush retreat in the Gold Coast Hinterland with views of the Great Dividing Range
  • All meals – delicious and healing – based on the Five Elements diet of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Access to a private pool, spa and bushwalking tracks
  • Visit to Mount Tamborine and Lamington National Park


  • Please note that the above price does not include accommodation
  • Depending on your selection, accommodation ranges from $50 – $250 per night
  • Please call for price and availability

Receive a BONUS discount of $1000 by booking two courses. Note: these courses must be taken back-to-back e.g., Level 1 & 2 or Level 3 & 4.