Part 5

Through Self-love

Mobilise the body cells to work together in unity to open the Sky Channel.

21 – 30 September 2023

Wonglepong, QLD Australia


Throughout parts 1–4 we focus on awakening, connecting to and moving the Lower Dan Tian, as well as opening the central channel. Part 5 is when the full symphony of the body’s cells come together, working as a community through Compassion and Self-love, to open the fontanelle and realise your full potential.
Like a flower or a tree that has to have its roots deeply embedded in the ground to withstand the forces of nature, that rise upwards from the earth, to undertake Part 5, it is imperative to ground oneself through having a strong foundation in the previous courses.


  • Stronger concentration on the upward rise of Qi
  • Open the door to a new awareness of life
  • Deeper trust and connection with self allowing a new focus to emerge
  • Transformation, accelerated by the union of body/mind/breath, to a higher level of consciousness


  • For students who completed at least two 10-day courses with Master Zhen Hua Yang: Part 1 and one other course.
  • No gender, age or health restrictions.



  • Day 1–10: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (including breaks)
    Training times might be adjusted to the group.


  • Training: 60 hours of in-person training with Master Yang
  • Meals: Three meals per day
  • Spa: Access to a private pool, spa and bushwalking tracks


  • Transportation: To and from the venue
  • Insurance: Personal travel & health insurance


  • $75 per person / per night (in a shared room/unit for two)
    limited spaces available
    We have available shared accommodation in the main house and in the cabins.
  • There is available a camping site for house trucks or those who want to bring their own tent or a van.
  • It is also possible to book accomodation outside of the venue.

Contact us for details and booking.

How to Get here

The best way to get to the retreat center is to fly into Brisbane airport. From there take the Airtrain, located inside the terminal, to Nerang. We can pick you up from Nerang – just remember to notify us first. There is no direct train or bus to Wallaby Ridge Retreat.

Join the course

  • Date: 21 – 30 September 2023
  • Venue: Wallaby Ridge Retreat, 88 Bambling Rd, Wonglepong QLD 4275, Australia
  • Price: 3,000.00 AUD (including meals, excluding accommodation)

Receive a BONUS discount of 1000 AUD by booking two courses. Note: these courses must be taken back-to-back e.g., Level 1 & 2 or Level 3 & 4. Available on the next step.