Part 2

Spiral Body-Spiral Organ

Through spiraling and elongating movements we open up, realign and release accumulated emotions that are held as tension in the body.

29 July – 6 August 2024

Camaiore, Italy


Part 2 takes a closer look at the connection between the spiraling of the Dan Tian and the movement of the body. This part includes some more physically challenging movements that teach you to spiral from the inside out. As it helps to loosen-up tension in the muscles and re-align the joints, there is a sense of the emotional release and subsequently opening-up of the meridians and energy channels.

In this 10-day course led by Master Zhen Hua Yang, you will learn how to reconnect with yourself by rebuilding trust and communication between your body, mind, and your center – the internal organs and Dan Tian (the energy center).

The key to this internal connection lies in your own blood, which serves as the carrier of oxygen, nutrients, and information in your body. Human energy, health, wellbeing, and longevity are all based on blood circulation. This course helps you understand this relationship and equips you with tools to develop it.

This internal connection is established on the cellular level. By using tools such as movement, breath, attention, intention, and vibration, we connect with our blood cells. Each day of the course, we build trust, safety, and self-love within the body. By enhancing blood circulation, we imbue these positive qualities into our body cells, especially in areas that need support and release, thereby activating our self-healing potential.

This process unfolds organically from the inside out, bringing health, vitality, and positivity to your body and mind. It enables your body to release stored tension, allowing you to move in a more natural way. You learn to move with freedom, joy, and connection, first within your body and then in your life.

This training gives you the independence to practice the learned sequences at home. Regular at-home training continues to build your energy, your trust in your body, and deepens the connection with yourself. 


  • Learn the importance of spiralling and connecting with your Dan Tian
  • Connect all sides of the body for the free flow of Qi energy
  • Link to your fascia, an important body tissue that connects every organ, blood vessel, bone and muscle
  • Clear stagnant energy by moving Qi around the body
  • Sculpt your body, increase your strength and flexibility
  • Calm your mind for sustained happiness and tranquillity


  • Calligraphy Health training knows no gender boundaries, age limits and body requirements. It requires no equipment and no special place to start – just an open mind and a desire for a balanced life.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced Calligraphy Health practitioners

This Practice is for you if you

  • Seek to cultivate a deeper connection with your body and mind, fostering overall well-being, inner harmony and self-love. 
  • Are looking to relieve stress, anxiety, or tension, and long for techniques to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Have issues related to the abdominal area, such as digestion, organ removal, or post-operative scars.
  • Lack energy and struggle with your immune system. 
  • Want to improve mobility and flexibility, and enhance vitality through gentle yet powerful practices and techniques.
  • Are interested in holistic approach to health and longevity.
  • Want to elevate your personal practice, whether it be yoga, qi gong, meditation, or any form of movement.
  • Want to go beyond physical movement or posture and are interested in internal arts.
  • Work with people and want to learn a way of maintaining and expanding your energy.

What to Expect

“It’s not about the movement. It’s about what’s behind the movement.” Master Zhen Hua Yang.

Master Yang’s approach prioritizes personal experience over theoretical learning. This means that there are no books to study or information to memorize, but rather the wisdom of one’s own body to be discovered and a self-healing potential to be activated.

Whether it’s a shorter workshop or a full 10-day course, the goal is to provide you with tools for independent practice.

Throughout the training, you learn a set of movements and forms gradually, with enough time to delve deeper into them in order to understand the principles that extend beyond the movement. You work at your own pace without force or pressure with enough time to learn but also to rest.

Upon completion, you leave equipped with a personal practice that you can continue to develop on your own. By integrating learned movements into your daily routine, you can experience lasting benefits that contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant life. With regular practice, they offer a holistic approach to nurturing physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Accommodation & Meals

Important: Please note that accommodation & meals are not included in the course price. Please book directly with the venue, details below.


A beautiful 1.5-hectare garden with olive groves is a hidden gem in the heart of Tuscany. The spacious luxurious villa has been newly remodelled and fully equipped as the residence for Thriving in Tuscany. This beautiful stone farmhouse belongs to R A Y. The villa reflects traditional Tuscan architecture with whitewashed or stone walls, wood beamed ceilings and terracotta floors. This elegant villa is conveniently located near Pisa and still within easy reach of Florence and Forte dei Marmi, the Mediterranean Sea and the Apuan Alps.


  • 4 large, sunny living area, office with a library and painting room
  • 3 spacious fireplaces
  • 6 bedrooms with high quality bed linen, towels & tote bags
  • 3 bathrooms, fully equipped with showers, baths and bidet
  • Gourmet kitchen with two refrigerator, steam oven, dishwasher, coffee, tea & ceremonial cacao maker
  • High speed WI -FI & printer
  • 1.5-hectare private land
  • Picturesque swimming pool, pool house, outdoor shower surrounded with amazing views to Apuan Alps and the olive grove
  • Recreation areas, hammocks, sunbeds, umbrellas and deckchairs
  • Fire ceremony pit
  • Free outdoor parking


  • Accommodation
    – In house: 75 EUR person/day
    – Tent: 30 EUR person/day
  • Meals
    – Meals: 55 EUR person/day


Accomodation & Meals booking & payment to:
Calligraphy Health Infinity Kft 
Contact: Andrea R A Y Hullan
WhatsApp or phone: +36209210000


Fly to Pisa – 20 minutes by car or taxi.
Fly to Florance – 60 minutes by car or taxi.
There is direct train or bus to Pietrasanta, or Lido di Camaiore.
Pick up with additional charge available for EUR 90 per trip to / from Pisa Airport.


  • Transportation: To and from the venue
  • Insurance: Personal travel & health insurance

Join the course

  • Date: 29 July – 6 August 2024
  • Venue: Thriving in Tuscany, Via delle Silerchie 76, Camaiore, Lucca, Italy, View on Map >
  • Organizer: Andrea R A Y Hullan,, +36209210000
  • Course price*: 2,300.00 AUD (approx. 1480 EUR)
    *Course price doesn’t include accommodation and meals, please contact the venue for details

    Calligraphy Health Process

    The human body is a collective of trillions of individual cells, each possessing qualities analogous to a person. It’s not the movement that heals the mind and the body. Movement serves as a bridge between the mind and the body cells. Movement is used to deliver positive information and energy to each and every cell in the body, especially to those that are suffering, unhappy, traumatized, or sick. For these purposes, Calligraphy Health employs movement with breath, intention, vibration, and organ service.

    1. BREATH: Ignite the Fire

    The human body, in order to function and produce energy, needs oxygen. Calligraphy Health practice begins with breath and synchronizing it with movements.

    2. MOVEMENT: Move Your Blood

    Oxygen is distributed in the body by red blood cells, which also carry nutrients and information to all cells in our systems. We use movements that stimulate the meridians to support and enhance blood circulation in the body for overall vitality, balance, and well-being.

    3. ATTENTION: Reconnect With Yourself

    During the movements, we turn our attention inwards, rebuilding the connection with ourselves. We work towards reconnecting the mind with the internal river that nourishes the entire body – our blood. We learn to ‘talk to our blood cells,’ conveying feelings of love, warmth, happiness, and freedom through the bloodstream to every cell in the body.

    4. ORGAN SERVICE: Support Your Body’s Engine

    Once the internal connection is established, we gain access to our internal organs, akin to the engine of the body. Similar to the regular servicing required for a car engine, our organs also need proper maintenance. Organ servicing can be likened to a self-visceral massage.

    5. REPETITION: Reeducate Your Cells

    Having a single conversation is not enough to build a strong relationship, and the same principle applies to our connection with ourselves. By consistently repeating the learned movement sequences, we gradually develop a deeper relationship with ourselves. This ongoing process of reeducation, cell by cell, helps cleanse us of negative past experiences, transforming our body into a warm, positive, and thriving environment.

    6. FREEDOM: Find Home Within

    A home symbolizes feelings of safety, warmth, freedom, and happiness. When the majority of cells in our body embody these qualities, we, as human beings, feel like we have found a home within. In this state, we are no longer burdened by past experiences. Regaining solid roots, we navigate life with a sense of internal safety and warmth that naturally radiates to those around us.

    “Calligraphy Health is about your blood flow moving your body, not your body
    moving your blood.”
    Master Zhen Hua Yang

    Moving like a fish in water

    The art of calligraphy draws from nature, emphasizing the fluid, seamless, and unrestrained movement of the brush. This movement mirrors the graceful descent of water down a mountainside, naturally following the shortest and most direct path.

    Master Yang applied this concept to the human body, where that water is human blood. Calligraphy Health is about moving like flowing water, effortlessly cascading down a mountain – fluid, uninterrupted, and instinctual, without force or pressure. This movement can be likened to that of fish swimming in water or the elegant motions of an octopus – imbued with a sense of joy, freedom and space.

    The Internal Art
    of Nei Gong

    Nei Gong as taught by Master Zhen Hua Yang is focussed upon reconnecting with the wisdom of the body through the regulation of three main circulations within the human body: blood circulation, nervous system and digestive system. These circulations are the pillars of longevity and good health.

    Calligraphy Health through enhancing these three circulations increases the longevity of internal organs while making the body soft, supple and elastic. It produces a physical lightness, setting the environment for self-healing. It also brings deep calm and peace, grounding us and producing a happiness that is internal, void of external conditions. 

    Master Zhen Hua Yang

    Master Yang’s true skills are shown in his ability to share the complicated Nei Gong methods and practices in a simple and comprehensible way.

    Master Zhen Hua Yang is an energy expert. Backed by his family lineage of over 400 years, Master Yang’s knowledge is steeped in ancient internal systems and techniques, his teachers’ influence as well as personal experiences and realisations.

    Master Yang’s healing journey started when he was just a boy, suffering from the debilitating effects of asthma. His first teachers other than his grandfather and father, who were also Masters, were the martial arts and energy Masters from the Shaolin and Wudang Temples: Hai Deng from Shaolin, famous for his one-finger stand, and a Daoist monk from Wudang who taught Master Yang about Yinyang balance, Qi/energy and human longevity.