10-day course

Restoring Life After Cancer

Strengthen your mental resilience and boost your internal self-healing energy.

23 April – 2 May 2023

Gnadenwald, Austria


Drawing from both medical research and the knowledge of internal energy systems, this course teaches how to release the unhealthy clumping of cells and return the blood to its healthy, natural flow state. The result is a strengthened mental resilience, a boost in self-healing internal energy and an improved immune system.


  • Use your breath, mind and movement to increase your oxygen intake and raise your internal body temperature, making it hard for cancer cells to survive
  • Increase the blood circulation to clear clumping of blood cells and improve your internal capacity to circulate blood
  • Retrain the mind to release fear and quieten its narrative, replacing it with a healthy, high-vibrational state of peace
  • Learn the power of healthy eating and the concept of food as medicine in alignment with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Calligraphy Health always works alongside your doctor’s treatment

Medical testing

During the course, there will be a study of the effectiveness of the practice by examining the participants by professional medical staff from Philadelphy Labor Innsbruck. Testing will include blood pressure and oxygen level on days 1, 5, and 9 of the course.


  • Anyone undergoing cancer treatment
  • Anyone recovered from cancer

Accomodation & Meals

Accommodation and meals are not included in the course price. We suggest arriving on 22nd of April. Details are below. 

Hotel Maria Theresia, Reimmichlstraße 25​, ​A – 6060 Hall in Tirol

  • Single or double room – a daily rate of Euro 110,00 per person

The above price includes:
– breakfast
– dinner
– parking lot
– WLAN connection

For booking accommodation please contact: office@worldlink.pl.


  • Transportation: To and from the venue
  • Insurance: Personal travel & health insurance


Master Yang aims to create a joyful, happy, and safe space for participants to ignite hope and a positive attitude towards the future. The goal of the practice is to improve blood circulation and oxygen distribution in the body. The practice hours will be flexible and adjusted to the needs of the group.

The course starts on 23rd April 2023 at 9:00 a.m.
We suggest arriving at the venue on the 22nd of April and leaving one day after the training if possible to take your time. 

Join the course

Limited spaces available

  • Date: 23 April – 2 May 2023
  • Venue: Hotel Maria Theresia, Reimmichlstraße 25​, ​A – 6060 Hall in Tirol
  • Contact to course organizers: office@worldlink.pl
  • Course price*: 1560.00 AUD (approx. 1000 EUR)
    * Course price doesn’t include accommodation and meals, please contact the organizers at: office@worldlink.pl for booking and details.