Women’s Health

Awaken the natural functioning of the body by returning the body/mind connection back to a state of balance.

8–10 December 2023

Perth, Australia


Research is abundant on somatic experience – how the body/mind stores stress, anxiety and trauma, creating imbalances that can eventually lead onto dis-ease.

Bringing balance back to your internal energetic system helps you to restore blood circulation, nourish the organs, calm the nervous system and regenerate your body, mind and spirit, to move you onto a more happy and healthier life.


  • Increases blood circulation to nourish the organs, in particular the uterus and kidneys
  • Transforms your Internal Energetic System, bringing balance back to the hormones
  • Awakens the natural healing function of the body, soothing the nervous system bringing it back to a sate of peace and calm
  • Restores confidence allowing you to move forward in life in a much more positive, healthier and happier way
    • Connects your body, mind and spirit giving you a greater sense of connectedness and groundedness with your inner self


    • All female, regardless the age
    • Suitable for both beginners and experienced Calligraphy Health practitioners



    • 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily (including breaks)
    • Training: 24 hours of in-person training with Master Yang


    • Food & Accommodation: there is a limited cabin accommodation, for more details contact Karen at karen@ateaseyoga.com.au
    • Transportation: To and from the venue
    • Insurance: Personal travel & health insurance

    Food & Accommodation

    • Food: $50 per person / per 3 meals a day (cooked by Master Yang)
    • Cabin: $90 per cabin / per night
      Cabins contain one double bed and room for blow up mattress, a bathroom and kitchenette.
      limited spaces available
    • It is also possible to book accomodation outside of the venue.

    Contact Karen at karen@ateaseyoga.com.au for details and booking.

    Join the course

    • Date: 8–10 December 2023
    • Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm daily
    • Venue: The Veterans Transition Centre, Hughes Road, Jarrahdale WA 6124, veterans.org.au
    • Organizer: Karen Green, email: karen@ateaseyoga.com.au
    • Price: $550 / 3 days
      Please note that the course price excludes the food and accommodation – please book directly with Karen.

    $75 discount for veterans or serving military, please contact Karen for details: Karen@ateaseyoga.com.au

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Karen at: Karen@ateaseyoga.com.au