Organ Service

“Fitness is not health.
Health is organ service.”

Master Zhen Hua Yang

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Body’s engine

Just as the most beautiful car won’t do much if the engine has no power, the human body is similar. A good car engine, one that runs smoothly, is reliable and serves us for a long time, has regular servicing. This is the same with the human body. 

For the human body, the engine power is what’s inside the abdomen – our internal organs. However many of us are not aware that we need to or that we are able to service the body, to allow it to run smoothly and serve us for a long time. We’re often made to believe that our internal organ health is beyond our control. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Calligraphy Health practice is about learning the skill of servicing the organs and making it the basis of a healthy lifestyle, next to good diet, sleep, exercise, positive attitude and joy. Unlike cars, humans don’t have spare parts. To live a life of wellness this makes organ servicing that much more important. 

Learn a special skill

Organ service is a special skill that was known to the ancient Chinese masters but has been unknown in the modern western world. 

This skill can be compared to a self visceral massage that over time releases the fascia surrounding the organs. It helps the organs lose accumulated fat, pumps the blood to the organs – which helps to nourish and bring oxygen to the tissues through better blood flow. 

Connect with your second mind

Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Chinese internal self-healing practices recognise that inside of the abdomen we have an energy center called Dantian which means a “mind”. Western medicine also recognizes that we have our “second brain” in the belly and the importance of it.

By learning the organ service skills we take care of the internal organ health. At the same time these skills expand and accumulate our internal energy.

Service your organs

Move your organs

so that they don’t get rusty

Nourish your organs

so that they remain robust

Maintain mutual balance

so that they don’t negatively affect each other

Learn to move from the center

The basis of organ service is building the connection between movements and the center –  internal organs and Dantian (human energy center). It is something that the students learn and develop through in-person and online courses with Master Yang. This connection distinguishes a movement full of life and energy from the dry and physical one. It also leads to self-healing. 

In this video you can see how Master Yang’s belly naturally moves – it is part of organ service skill.

Learn from an authentic Master

Master Zhen Hua Yang is the creator of a Nei Gong type of method called Calligraphy Health. He is an energy expert, health expert and martial artist with more than 50 years of experience. 

Master Yang started his own training when he was only 2 years old. His first teachers other than his grandfather and father, who were also Masters, were the martial arts and energy Masters from the Shaolin and Wudang Temples: Hai Deng from Shaolin, famous for his one-finger stand, and a Daoist monk from Wudang who taught Master Yang about Yinyang balance, Qi/energy and human longevity. Master Yang’s knowledge is steeped in ancient internal systems and techniques, his teachers’ influence as well as personal experiences and realisations.  

Master Yang used to teach martial arts in his dojo in Sydney until, in 2008, a spiritual awakening called him to teach people health, compassion and wellbeing. Since then the transmission of these ancient teachings has become his main life purpose and passion. It took him several years of development and a whole life of experience to form a special Nei Gong system that he called Calligraphy Health. Calligraphy Health is a path to longevity, health and wellbeing. Master Yang’s purpose is to see more people smile and live healthy and happy lives.


1. Better Digestion

16 September 2023 – PAST WORKSHOP

2. Organ Balance

15 October 2023 – PAST WORKSHOP

3. Emotional Balance

22 October 2023 – PAST WORKSHOP

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1: I didn’t attend the previous modules on better digestion and organ balance. Can I still join Module 3. Emotional Balance?
Yes, definitely. All three workshops revolve around the topic of Organ Service, and they are interconnected. There will be some overlapping parts as well as new material. You can choose to join one or several parts. 

QUESTION 2: I can’t attend the live session. Can I watch it at another time?
ANSWER: Yes, the workshop will be recorded, and the video will be shared with everyone who has signed up.

QUESTION 3: How long will the video recording be available for?
ANSWER: The video recording will be available for 6 months. 

QUESTION 4: Will this workshop be offered again in the future?
ANSWER: We will offer more online training in the future and the topics will be adjusted to the student’s needs, so they might vary from this course. 

If you have any questions please write to us at:


Learning organ servicing and regulating the three main circulations (digestion, nervous system and blood circulation) is a special skill that was known to the ancient Chinese masters but has been unknown in the modern western world. We wish to share this knowledge with people all around the world to help them regain control over their health, wellbeing and therefore quality of life. With this purpose in mind of making this knowledge more accessible, we created an “ORGAN SERVICE” online course that is divided in three parts/modules with each part being focused on one of the three main circulations. 

Each module introduces the students to the theory behind this wellbeing model and demonstrates a number of exercises for personal practice.

ORGAN SERVICE online course
Module 1. Better Digestion, 16 September 2023 – past event
Module 2. Organ Balance, 15 October 2023 – past event
Module 3. Emotional Balance, 22 October 2023 – past event

What the students say

Calligraphy Health takes your wellbeing to the next level. It is a deep practice that heals and simply makes you feel wonderful. I call it meditation in movement, bringing bliss to mind, body and soul.

Simone Dole, Australia

I was one of Master’s first students at his studio in Sydney. Sleep-deprived and totally lacking in energy after the birth of my second child, I found the practice soothing and deeply healing. It connected me back to my old self. My background in psychology has given me an understanding of how stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem all stem from a lack of connection to self. Thank you, Master Yang!

Van Truong, Australia

Calligraphy Health taught me to slow down, to connect with myself and to heal emotional trauma. The speed of my life changed and I have started to enjoy and find my passion for life. Thank you, Master Yang, for helping me to understand on a deep level respect, peace and harmony.

Martina Zatkova, Slovakia

When my Dad died I was overwhelmed by the emotional baggage that came up and found it hard to deal with. Calligraphy Health allowed me to be with difficult emotions, to experience them at my own pace. Regular practice allows me to achieve a sense of true happiness – one that does not come from emotions or external conditions, but from within us. I love this state of deep calmness, grounding and a sense of inner joy.

Mariola Madej, Poland

I have trained with Master yang for nearly 13yrs, his system is both life changing and enhancing. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Master Yang and highly recommend his system to everyone. Thank you, Master Yang!

Simon Champan, New Zealand