A practice for longevity

“Your cells are like batteries, receiving and
transmitting energy. With training , you can focus
your life energy called Qi and use it for healing.”

Master Zhen Hua Yang

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Rejuvenate your cells

Good blood circulation is a key component to maintaining a healthy body, to efficiently carry oxygen, nutrients and hormones/information to our organs and to tissues throughout the body. Human bodies contain 25 trillion red blood cells that are generated by the bone marrow and about 2.5 million of these cells get recycled every second via the spleen, liver and lymph nodes.

Oxygen fuels all our living processes and without it our cells cannot obtain energy. Stress, worry and anxiety trigger the release of stress hormones which constrict blood vessels and increase heart rate and blood pressure. This impacts blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells, which affect energy levels, immune function, and the body’s ability to regenerate and heal.

Optimal health
& organ function
Youthful appearance
and longevity
& peaceful mind
Through regular Calligraphy Health practice, we support internal organs, enhance blood circulation and oxygen distribution. Moreover we start to build trust in ourselves, which means less fear, stress and anxiety, and we’re able to connect to our body on a deeper level and respond better to the signals it gives us. All these processes support our natural cellular regeneration – the replacement of old, unhealthy cells with new, healthy cells.

“Calligraphy Health is about your blood flow moving your body, not your body
moving your blood.”
Master Zhen Hua Yang

Soon after the beginning of practice, my energy status, flexibility and endurance markedly improved. Master Yang and his unique system have given me extra power to face the crucial challenges due to the pandemic and help others to do so.

Nikolay Neshev, Bulgaria

For me, the biggest shift was a new awareness of my body. My body is more finely tuned. I don’t need so many supplements to thrive. My organs constantly detoxify themselves through the practice. I have more energy to live the life I want.

Adam Crawley, USA

Calligraphy Health taught me to slow down, to connect with myself and to heal emotional trauma. The speed of my life changed and I have started to enjoy and find my passion for life. Thank you, Master Yang, for helping me to understand on a deep level respect, peace and harmony.

Martina Zatkova, Slovakia

Practice with Master Yang clicked on all levels. I really felt that I found what I was looking for – it had it all, conscious moves, warm feeling of energy, stretching the body – it was soft yet very powerful. Slowly, slowly but very surely my path opened up and through daily practice I started to connect to myself.

Kasia Janda, Poland