10–11 February 2024

Water Flow
for Trauma

“Happiness is unlimited.
You can’t be too happy.”

Master Zhen Hua Yang

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Introduction to
A 2-day Online Workshop

10–11 February 2024

7:00–9:30 am, London

8:00–10:30 am, Berlin/London

6:00–8:30 pm, Sydney

Live on Zoom Platform

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This workshop will provide participants with a set of movements and sequences for regular at-home practice.
• 2 x
2 hours of practice with Master Zhen Hua Yang
• 2 x 30 minutes of Q&A
• 6 months of access to the video recordings

*approx. EUR 36 / USD 39

This Workshop is For

This workshop serves as an introduction to our water flow approach for trauma release. It is suitable for anyone dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, or other health issues that stems from stress.

This practice can also be used as a daily self-regulation tool and a preventive measure against emotional issues.

It’s also beneficial for those starting or advancing their journey with Calligraphy Health and the internal arts. The results of this method depend on the students dedication and regular at home practice.

It’s All About Cells

The human body is not a singular entity but a collective of trillions of individual cells, each possessing qualities analogous to a person.

Blood cells are crucial to our health and well-being. They serve as carriers, transporting oxygen, nutrients, and information to every cell in the body. 

The secret of Master Yang’s transformational method is based on reconnecting the mind with the body – particularly our blood cells and internal organs. When we connect with our blood cells, and they start to respond to our intention, deep healing begins. We connect deeply with ourselves and create positive vibrations that spread throughout the body through the enhanced river of our blood.

Your Cells Remember

Trauma and difficult life experiences materialize within the body, affecting specific groups of cells, particularly in the internal organs. The more cells impacted, the more profound the trauma. Similar to individuals suddenly losing homes and families, these distressed cells loose feelings of safety, warmth, freedom, and happiness, developing fear.

To release trauma, we must provide these cells with a “roof over their heads,” restoring feelings of home within. Moreover, since cells have a limited life span, it is crucial to cultivate a positive internal environment to prevent newly replaced cells from inheriting past trauma.

Reconnect with Yourself

Through trauma and difficult life experiences, we lose connection with ourselves – the mind and the body (blood cells and organs) no longer work as a team. Therefore, we’re not able to connect with, reach out to and bring support to the cells in the body that suffer and need it the most.

In Calligraphy Health, we learn to rebuild this lost connection with the internal river. This connection allows us to utilize our blood cells to deliver, along with oxygen and nutrients, feelings of love, warmth, happiness, and freedom to every cell in the body, particularly those affected by trauma, bringing back the lost feeling of home within.

Water Flow for Health

1. BREATH: Ignite the Fire

The human body, in order to function and produce energy, needs oxygen. Calligraphy Health practice begins with breath and synchronizing it with movements.

2. MOVEMENT: Move Your Blood

Oxygen is distributed in the body by red blood cells, which also carry nutrients and information to all cells in our systems. We use movements that stimulate the meridians to support and enhance blood circulation in the body for overall vitality, balance, and well-being.

3. ATTENTION: Reconnect With Yourself

During the movements, we turn our attention inwards, rebuilding the connection with ourselves. We work towards reconnecting the mind with the internal river that nourishes the entire body – our blood. We learn to ‘talk to our blood cells,’ conveying feelings of love, warmth, happiness, and freedom through the bloodstream to every cell in the body.

4. ORGAN SERVICE: Support Your Body’s Engine

Once the internal connection is established, we gain access to our internal organs, akin to the engine of the body. Similar to the regular servicing required for a car engine, our organs also need proper maintenance. Organ servicing can be likened to a self-visceral massage.

5. REPETITION: Reeducate Your Cells

Having a single conversation is not enough to build a strong relationship, and the same principle applies to our connection with ourselves. By consistently repeating the learned movement sequences, we gradually develop a deeper relationship with ourselves. This ongoing process of reeducation, cell by cell, helps cleanse us of negative past experiences, transforming our body into a warm, positive, and thriving environment.

6. FREEDOM: Find Home Within

A home symbolizes feelings of safety, warmth, freedom, and happiness. When the majority of cells in our body embody these qualities, we, as human beings, feel like we have found a home within. In this state, we are no longer burdened by past experiences. Regaining solid roots, we navigate life with a sense of internal safety and warmth that naturally radiates to those around us.

Learn from an Authentic Master

Master Zhen Hua Yang is the creator of a Nei Gong type of method called Calligraphy Health. He is an energy expert, health expert and martial artist with more than 50 years of experience. 

Master Yang started his own training when he was only 2 years old. His first teachers other than his grandfather and father, who were also Masters, were the martial arts and energy Masters from the Shaolin and Wudang Temples: Hai Deng from Shaolin, famous for his one-finger stand, and a Daoist monk from Wudang who taught Master Yang about Yinyang balance, Qi/energy and human longevity. Master Yang’s knowledge is steeped in ancient internal systems and techniques, his teachers’ influence as well as personal experiences and realisations.  

In 2008, a spiritual awakening called Master Yang to teach people health, compassion and wellbeing. Since then the transmission of these ancient teachings has become his main life purpose and passion. It took him 16 years of development and a whole life of experience to form a special Nei Gong system that he called Calligraphy Health. Calligraphy Health is a path to longevity, health and wellbeing. Master Yang’s purpose is to see people smile.

Master Yang perceives mental health as one of the most significant challenges in the modern world. He views it as his life’s purpose to help people rediscover lost happiness and the meaning of life. He has extensive experience in helping people freeing themselves from trauma, anxiety, and depression. This experience includes four years when Master Yang was helping Australian veterans heal their trauma through a Warrior Revival program.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1: I can’t attend the live session. Can I watch it at another time?
ANSWER: Yes, the workshop will be recorded, and the video will be shared with everyone who has signed up.

QUESTION 2: How long will the video recording be available for?
ANSWER: The video recording will be available for 6 months. 

QUESTION 3: Is this workshop enough to release trauma, anxiety and depression?
These conditions require a repetitive and regular practice over time. This workshop serves as an introduction to our water flow approach to trauma release and provides participants with a set of exercises for regular at-home practice, gradually contributing to trauma release. The results depend on personal practice, regularity, and dedication. While online trainings are powerful tools we also encourage individuals dealing with these conditions to complement online training with an in-person course globally.

QUESTION 4: I don’t have trauma. Can I still join the workshop?
ANSWER: Absolutely! While this workshop focuses on trauma and emotional health, it’s rooted in a holistic approach to human well-being. Each exercise in Calligraphy Health provides multiple benefits, as the human body functions as a whole rather than separate parts. We believe this workshop will be valuable to anyone interested in overall health, well-being, and longevity

QUESTION 5: Will this workshop be offered again in the future?
ANSWER: We are planning to start offering regular online workshops but covering different topics. Please let us know if you would be interested in that.

If you have any questions please write to us at:

What the students say

Calligraphy Health takes your wellbeing to the next level. It is a deep practice that heals and simply makes you feel wonderful. I call it meditation in movement, bringing bliss to mind, body and soul.

Simone Dole, Australia

I was one of Master’s first students at his studio in Sydney. Sleep-deprived and totally lacking in energy after the birth of my second child, I found the practice soothing and deeply healing. It connected me back to my old self. My background in psychology has given me an understanding of how stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem all stem from a lack of connection to self. Thank you, Master Yang!

Van Truong, Australia

Calligraphy Health taught me to slow down, to connect with myself and to heal emotional trauma. The speed of my life changed and I have started to enjoy and find my passion for life. Thank you, Master Yang, for helping me to understand on a deep level respect, peace and harmony.

Martina Zatkova, Slovakia

When my Dad died I was overwhelmed by the emotional baggage that came up and found it hard to deal with. Calligraphy Health allowed me to be with difficult emotions, to experience them at my own pace. Regular practice allows me to achieve a sense of true happiness – one that does not come from emotions or external conditions, but from within us. I love this state of deep calmness, grounding and a sense of inner joy.

Mariola Madej, Poland

I have trained with Master yang for nearly 13yrs, his system is both life changing and enhancing. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Master Yang and highly recommend his system to everyone. Thank you, Master Yang!

Simon Champan, New Zealand

Calligraphy Health helped unwind addictive and compulsive thought patterns ingrained in my mind since I was a teenager. From day one, I felt the positive effects of the practice. I started feeling more energised, less depressed and motivated to do new things.

Josh B, Australia

Business Owner

After nineteen years in the Australian army, many things got to me at a psychological and physical level. Calligraphy Health helped ground me and re-establish the link I had with myself before joining the army. It’s a lifetime practice accessible to everyone.

Jordan Daniels, Australia

Qigong Teacher