Everything in life is interconnected. When we work internally on our wellbeing it shows up in all other areas of our life. Internal wellbeing shows up externally as life starts to flow in a much easier way, creating a happy, well-balanced life.

A Wellbeing Model

Social Wellbeing – being social is to be part of a community and being human – social isolation is not healthy or natural. Connect with yourself and others through development of such qualities as compassion, integrity, honesty, gratitude and humility. 

Intellectual Wellbeing – develop the mind and apply your knowledge so that you do not lead an unconnected and aimless life. But do this with good intention – with the understanding that what you think about, is carried in the blood cells and will affect you at all levels, including what you will attract into your life as well as your health.

Spiritual Wellbeing – Tian Ren He Yi or the connection we make between Heaven and Earth, in the human body, helps us to develop our spiritual self. This connection is needed to maintain a healthy life and as part of nourishing one’s destiny that is in align with the Dao. 

Occupational Wellbeing – undertaking work that is fulfilling to you is an essential part of wellness, as it enables one to become a constructive part of society. To live a happy life we need to connect with our daily life. Find something that gives you purpose and enjoyment, something you are passionate about and money will come of itself.

Environmental Wellbeing – what, where and with whom you surround yourself with impacts greatly on your well-being as there is no division between you and your environment, they are one and the same.  Surround yourself with things that you connect to, that make you feel happy and at home – this plays a big part in well-being

Karmic Wellbeing – past, present and future, cause and effect relates to everything in life as everything is interconnected. Stay aware of your thoughts as they lead to actions and outcomes that will impact on every area of your life and thus your health and well-being.

Emotional Wellbeing – your emotions influence your thoughts, actions and well-being. Being present with yourself, making loving connections with your blood cells helps to develop constructive emotions such as compassion and happiness.

Physical Wellbeing – good organ function is the key to good health. When we have a  good connection to our blood cells we can use our mind to influence our emotions and develop a healthy flow of blood/Qi. This connection brings organ function back into a state of balance and harmony.

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